Rich Campagna Mobile Device Security For Dummies

Rich  Campagna Mobile Device Security For Dummies


Обзор книги Rich Campagna Mobile Device Security For Dummies. Provides a practical, fast-track approach to protecting a mobile device from security threats Discusses important topics such as specific hacker protection, loss/theft protection, backing up and restoring data, and more Offers critical advice for deploying enterprise network protection for mobile devices Walks you through the advantages of granular application access control and enforcement with VPN Business can be mobile without being vulnerable?and Mobile Device Security For Dummies shows you how. The information you need to avoid security threats on corporate mobile devices Mobile devices have essentially replaced computers for corporate users who are on the go and there are millions of networks that have little to no security. Featuring real-world case scenarios, this straightforward guide shares invaluable advice for protecting mobile devices from the loss of sensitive and confidential corporate information. This essential guide walks you through the steps for securing a network and building a bulletproof framework that will protect and support mobile devices in the enterprise.

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