Shopaholic Abroad

Shopaholic Abroad


Обзор книги Shopaholic Abroad. Its just that it seems silly not to check out a few other places first. Or was it $100? And Becky does mean to go to all these. And the icing on the brioche is that her boyfriend is moving to New York ...and has asked her to go with him. Her bank manager is actually being nice to her, despite being just a tad overdrawn. Like Bloomingdales. She has a job on morning TV, telling people how to manage their money - a subject on which she is an expert. The Guggenheim! Anyway, its full of fantastic bargains. And Saks. Honestly. New York! And that amusing little place shes been told about where you can sometimes get a Prada dress for $10. For Rebecca Bloomwood, life is peachy. The Metropolitan Opera House! The Museum of Modern Art! Shopaholic Abroad - because there just arent enough shops in Britain.

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  1. Воду давали через три дня, а так мы пили воду из ямы, даже не знаю, как мы не подхватили какую-то чуму или холеру. Зимой неплохое местечко, чтобы немного погреться.

  2. Он приезжал, конечно, не с пустой проверкой, как это делал Лашук Григорий Степанович, а просто отдохнуть недельку от государственных дел.

  3. Они летают вокруг тебя стирая грани реальности и сказки. Наш огород казался большой бушующей рекой.

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